Thursday, March 8, 2012

Parallel Parking Light Bulb Moment

March 3rd 2012
Today, we went to Taian Mountain. Amazing.

After we came down this World Natural and Cultural Heritage Landmark, we went to a Muslim Noodle restaurant. After the meal, I watched a woman take almost 5 minutes to parallel park. When she parked the first time around, and got out of the car, a man on the street shouted at her that she hadn’t parked between the two lines. (No, I don't speak Chinese and I was observing from a distance but that's what was being said). She went back and in due time, aligned her car perfectly with the sidewalk and between the offending lines.

Even if I didn’t see any men snickering at the time, I imagined the snide comments about women and parallel parking and how it took her so long while they could do it from the first try. I agree. They would do it from the first time, but not to this perfection.
I then had a light bulb moment.
Men do a half ass job and are actually proud of it, while women achieve perfection but still worry that they could have done it better.
When she got out of her seat, she went round to the back and picked up a tiny bundle, and held it close in the freezing weather. An infant. A mother. That’s how we mommies roll. Perfection and stress, while men half baked and proud. We could learn from each other.


Sitelwadi3 said...

Aaaah! Hit a nerve:-/

Tagreed Abdin said...

As lightbulb moments should. Glad you liked it :-)