Friday, February 15, 2013

Blessed Friday

Today is a good day. Alhamdulillah. I have a sore throat but I have my boys playing around me, husband snoring lightly nearby and plans to visit my parents in a few hours, insha Allah.
Awaiting us is a scene of chaos as my sisters and I respond to the only mandate my mother has ever decreed, Family Friday. A day we fill each other in, interspersed with shouting at our progeny who spend the day oscillating between heated disputes and hair raising antics.
I met a dear, dear friend of mine yesterday. We didn't even shake hands in greeting or in parting but automatically started talking as if it hadn't been six months since we last met.
Everyone speaks about the value of friendship but this true, unconditional, effortless friendship I share with this particular friend, is very dear to my heart.
I believe we all need that one person we can call at any time just to say, I'm feeling a little down, or share a moment of happiness with. That friend who will criticize you and challenge you but you know that it is only because they want what is best for you and they're cheering you on and will do anything within their power to see you happy and successful. A friend that will encourage you with the tone of their voice and the look in their eyes, more than their words. A friend that can tell if there’s something wrong by hearing it in your “Hello”.
Thank you, my friend. I am who I am today because I have you in my life.
As I pause writing to perform conflict resolution, I thank God that these warring little souls turn to me for justice.
At their age, time-outs and threats of unthinkable punishments are all that is needed to maintain the peace.
I know that I will soon long for these days where these scampering creatures, these mobile tripping hazards, apply "underfoot" quite literally. I know that I will miss the clinging hands and the octopus grips I wake up to. If I live that long. My life is in danger with these lethal bundles of joy. God bless them.
My husband told me he snored in our very first telephone conversation. This preemptive information, he says, forfeits my right to complain, having received fair warning.
He had to work late last night but still managed to surprise me with a beautiful bouquet of red roses and a package of dark chocolate. Happy Valentine's Day <3
My parents are a blessing in more ways than I could ever count.
The unique way they raised me, the strength they told me I had, the dreams that were never beyond reach, the solitude they understood I needed, all these were the most powerful tools any child could have. They gave me my own room at the age of 3, bought me an encyclopedia for my 10th birthday, and pretty much handed me my passport and annual tickets at the age of 16. What more could a girl ask for? May God bless you with health and happiness, Madre and Poppa, wa ya7fazkum leina.
I love the work I do, even if I am not always in love with my job or employers. I build buildings and get to drive around Khartoum and say, "I was a part of that". I might not save lives (although I do appoint myself in charge of HSE on site) but I get to leave a visible impact on my country, which is as fulfilling as it is egotistical.
Some days I am filled with despair for what has become of my country. Some days I fear the future and wonder what fate awaits my children in this beloved, abused land of uncertainty.
Today is not one of those days. Today is Blessed Friday. Today, is a day of love and appreciation.